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BOF Lance Tips


tallman is at the forefront of lance tip technology. Four years of engineering and product development resulted in revolutionary patented redesign changes which alter the water flows in the water-cooled lance tip. 



Extended lance tip life:


Interior cooling surfaces are configured to provide full water contact in the cooling passages of each lance tip. Lance tip cooling is most effective at maximum exposure sites which ensure uniformly turbulent cooling water exposure in critical areas.


Development of a proprietary grain refinement process significantly improves the erosion resistance of the copper.



Quality Design, Material, Casting, & Machining: 


Pure copper is selected for lance tips.


Each tip is centrifugally cast to ensure uniformity in material composition and grain structure.


The combined effect of the purity of material and unique grain structure provides an optimum rate of heat transfer with improved surface strength.


Precision engineered and machined orifices are configured for a specific oxygen flow rate and mach number and designed to provide the desired oxygen distribution pattern.


tallman 'multiple orifice lance tips assemblies' are supplied with carbon steel, stainless steel or with copper sleeves to facilitate on site replacement without the need to follow exotic time consuming procedures.


tallman lance tips are custom designed to fit all lance configurations.



tallman centrifugal lance tip removed from service after 1163 heats (Steel Plant, India - September 2001)










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